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Answers from Heaven

During her near-death experience ...

"I continued moving away until I could see the whole living, organic earth as a single organism. I could see it in both a microscopic and macroscopic way at the same time. I could see, not in the sense that one sees with physical eyes, but this seeing was really a sense of being, of experiencing and knowing, of the entire earth ... This was so wonderful to me that I was overcome by the beauty of it. I could see and feel and beat with the same heart as every individual who was living on this planet; as every amoeba that was swimming in the ocean.

... It's not what we do , not what we own, not what we know, but really the 'tone' of our hearts which permeates all physical existence. I was able to see and feel this. I knew nothing existed without a purpose. ... We influence this planet by our state of being. We influence this planet very positively if we are filled with love and respect for others ....

I could also perceive that all of reality, all of existence, was emanating from one source of light, life, and love ... I could hear and feel the notes of this wonderful, grand, universal song that enveloped the whole earth. I knew that no one went without a note to sing in this grand universal symphony. At this point, I became so enchanted that I was beyond being, self. I simply was, and I began to sing my note. I began to sing, "I am". ... It was "I am one and of you. I love you. I am connected to all of you and in harmony with all of you". This was an expression of love, and an expression of the divinity of all creation. I was adding my absolutely unique note to this grand song of life that reverberated throughout all of existence." (pp18-19) Reinee E. Pasarow


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