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Book of the Heart

God's Unending Now

"To say as many do that god made the world

is to confuse what is true, for God never ceased

making what was made, and what will be is already present in God's unending Now.

This truth reminds me that God is making all things new, even when what is past and gone

and also what lies yet unknown in the future - in your life and mine." (p.40)

You Taste Us

"It sounds as strange as it is true

to say, as I have never said before,

that You taste Yourself and in this

taste every creature that You ever

made which crawls or swims or flies,

on earth, in the seas, and upon the

blue-flung skies. And when You

taste Yourself in all these, and even

in me, You taste us all as You ever

are in the oneness of Yourself." (p.27)


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