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Dream Yoga

"The importance of a complete view of the unconscious mind becomes evident when we go beyond this relative level and arrive at the absolute ground of unconsciousness.

... Down there, below what seems to be the deepest, darkest, and scariest aspect of your being, is the totally awakened state, the light of enlightenment. It's what Buddhism calls 'buddha nature' (your awakened nature), and it has also been termed 'basic goodness'. I will discuss it using a Tibetan Buddhist term, as the 'clear-light mind'.

This absolute level of the unconscious mind is radiant, loving, beneficent, and wise. The spiders and snakes of the relative level are replaced with sages and saints. When accessed and made conscious, this is the level of mind from which the buddhas operate. This is where your own awakened nature also resides, and is waiting for you to discover it. Through dream yoga you can yoke to this Buddha within, and wake up to who you really are.

Instead of having something to fear in the darkness of the night, you now have something to look forward to. You're going to drop into the divinity of your being, into an essence that never dies, never changes, and is forever awake. Your relative unconscious mind may have some surprises for you, but if you know that's not who you really are, that below that haze is luminous purity, you can replace anxiety with anticipation." (p.21) Andrew Holecek


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