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LSD and the Mind of the Universe

"Session 55 - The Great Awakening


The collective convulsions I entered in this session appeared to be driven by a global ecological crisis, but I was not given any details about how or when this crisis would take place. Instead, this session showed me the fact of a global crisis, it took me inside the collective psyche's experience of this crisis, and it showed me some of the mechanisms of collective awakening that will be activated by the crisis." (p.220)

"Session 70 - The Final Vision


What I was seeing and experiencing was samsara in the raw - the entire physical universe as a restless surging field of short-lived life-forms. Like the forest that lives through the constant turnover of trees rising and falling, everything in our universe is constantly turning over. Everything is temporary. Everything rises and falls over and over again ... The Ocean of Existence that the temporary forms of life were rising out of and falling back into was an Ocean of Light ... From within every frame of reference possible, I saw the world as it is:

Light manifesting as Matter,

Dharmakaya manifesting as Nirmanakaya,

Heaven giving birth to Earth continuously." (p.280) Christopher M. Bache

This is a truly stunning book; each page offers exquisite depth and breadth of insight into our individual and collective belonging and becoming ... Christopher's talks and interviews on YouTube and his other books are highly recommended (by me! 😉😊).


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