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Merchants of Light

"Even when we acknowledge our dreams as significant, it is extremely difficult for us to understand them as the manifestation of intelligent principles of organization. We usually think of them as just images and symbols that perhaps be used by the conceptual mind to help us understand a particular situation in our life. But seldom have we been able to fully realize that these images and symbols are actually the outer forms of our inner state. We forget that the laws of nature have organized our psychic energy into these forms to reflect back to us our particular situation and to engage us more deeply in our journey.

While this energy that manifests itself in images and symbols reflects our inner reality, it also has an outer reality. Sometimes our particular situation is reflected back to us in dreams or vision but sometimes it is reflected back to us in the outer world as events in time and space. And there is more. Since this energy is multidimensional, it organizes itself into images and symbols that are also the actual forms of other dimensions of reality. Because our worldview has limited vision to the material world, we don't usually even perceive these forms, but if and when we do, we are usually pressured by our culture to deny their existence or to reduce them to just images and symbols. And thus, we are unable to realize that these Other worlds - or deeper orders of reality - actually exist." (p.90) Betty J. Kovacs


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