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Mystical Activism

"Heaven on Earth: Divine Humans in a Divine World

Heaven on Earth appears to us when the ordinary world is transfigured in the awakened experience of the divine, a perceptual realization universally found in first hand accounts of mystical experience. This realized pantheism includes everything, even us - we are literally divine humans in a divine world and can learn to experience this revelation directly.

What happens as we step into the divine world? In the heightened consciousness of Heaven on Earth, people and things become incredibly beautiful, infinitely precious, and immanently holy." (pp. 8-9)

"The mystics tell us ... that the cosmos is completely saturated and infused with divine consciousness, including us. ... Mysticism is not about beliefs, it's about perception - the direct and transformational perception of ultimate reality. ... Mystical experience is at the heart and soul of mystical activism. It is the key to transforming self and world, and the power we each possess to change humanity's course in this apocalyptic time." (pp. 39-40) John C. Robinson


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