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Path of the Heart

"Leaving the infinite freedom, and beckoned by Divine Will, the formless balances between the passive and the active pendulums, and becomes fixed upon a particular dimensional home. It is Love that serves as a catalyst, igniting the unknown emptiness and birthing forth creation" (67).

"Union is serenity. It is the moment of dissolution into the ocean of peace. As we pass over to the other side of nothingness, we feel the joy and rapture that radiates from the Divine Heart into every life form. Yet no words suffice. All that can be hoped is that as you study the path of the heart, and let it guide your being, you will become drawn into the inner divine journey. Rapture and joy are gifts of divinity. They can only be experienced, never named. Yet once tasted, the remembrance guides the soul to truth" (190).

Dr Beverly Lanzetta


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