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Quiet Courage of the Inner Light

"It is that sparkling purity of love that changes us for the better - and not we ourselves by dint of effort and struggle.

That fundamental purity is innate to all people, but its transformative power cannot fully act, unless the impediments that check its expression are removed. We can accomplish much in this respect through sensible spiritual practice - but not everything. We cannot take the final leap without being aided, no matter how hard we try.

Kindness is one example of a small key that unlocks the door of goodness - and when that door to eternal beauty springs open, it reveals the hidden river of love that is always flowing for the delight and refreshment of mankind.

Our inherent purity - the very essence of our individual consciousness - belongs to the supreme love that sustains all created life. As human beings, at birth we emerge from the womb of creation, while at death we return to the source of our being. But as long as physical life endures, there is an indwelling healing element within each one of us that is constantly working to bring forth renewed harmony into our experience and to restore the balance of health on every level, whenever it has been disturbed by stress or trauma." (pp. 105-106) Philip Pegler


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