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The Energy of Prayer

“The most important matter for a practitioner is to be able to break through the veil of the material plane in order to enter the ultimate dimension and see the interconnection between us and all other phenomena in the world around us.” (p.52)

“We have to practice in such a way that in our daily life we are able to have insight into the interdependent nature of all beings. Our greatest desire as spiritual practitioners is to discover the essence of things and to be in touch with this essence.” (p.50)

“Store consciousness, also called alaya consciousness, is the deepest part of our psyche. It contains all the seeds of the happiness, sadness, jealousy, and other emotions we experience. These seeds, when watered or touched, appear as zones of energy. Store consciousness is like a garden that contains all kinds of seeds and mind consciousness is like the gardener. When we are practicing meditation, mind consciousness is working, but store consciousness is also working secretly day and night. The unconscious mind of Western psychology is only one part of store consciousness. If we can recognize and transform the internal knots that lie deeply in our consciousness, it will bring us to liberation and healing. That is called transformation at the base (asrayaparavritti). It means the transformation that takes place right in the substructure of consciousness.” (p.99) Thich Nhat Hanh


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