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The Mystical Accord

"Mysticism relates to the metaphysical and to deep mysteries associated with things we cannot yet understand nor fully comprehend.

Mysticism is about an inner path to enlightenment, holiness and holism, sacredness, individual spiritual experience, growth and a unifying vision.

Mysticism is about an effort to encounter, apprehend, achieve spiritual union or come to the awareness of presence with the highest, transcendent, ultimate or cosmic consciousness, superconsciousness or God.

... Mysticism deals with direct engagement and exploration of consciousness, concepts of reality, imagination and other dimensions.

Mysticism is about inspiration, revelation and an alternative form of access to knowledge, reality and truth.

Mysticism involves an altered or enhanced state of consciousness often with access to non-local consciousness.

Mysticism may seek to transcend the limits of words, reason, rationality and normal perception.

Mysticism is associated with opening a door of perception which leads to a denial of exclusivity of the common or normal view of material reality and standard ways of perceiving it." (pp.11-12)

James Tunney


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