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The Path of Centering Prayer

"To practice centering prayer with the sacred nothingness, you begin by learning how to return ever so gently to God's formless presence. What is God's formless presence? you cannot experience God directly, but the radiance of God's formless presence is sometimes experienced as interior silence, interior stillness, or interior spaciousness. In the absence of attachment to thoughts, the inner faculties are deeply quiet, unmoving, and vast. You are awake to an aspect of the indwelling divine life - the Mind of Christ, God's presence in pure awareness or the Heart of God - and are aware of it as interior silence, stillness, or spaciousness. The practice is to learn to let go of your word, breath, or glance; recognize silence, stillness, or spaciousness; and return to it as you let it return to you. You learn to let a radiance of God's formless presence, experienced through silence, stillness, and spaciousness, live in you as your prayer." (p.81) David Frenette


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