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Touching the earth ...

Myths -

potent portals

into our shadowed-psyche.


with rapt attention

we spiral down

into our unknown terrain

catching glimpses of

haphazard, tangled


of anxiety and alienation.

... and further still ...

these sacred stories


our deep collective wound

so we see -

we are no longer mistaken,

it is a wound we all share

- our internal quiet desperation

- our eternal phantasm

the driver of industry

... the wound of which we are only barely aware.

Does it speak to you like this?

What right do you have to be here?

What value are you?

Are you DOING enough?

How have YOU earned it?

Are you useful?

Are you deserving?

You are being judged and found wanting.

You don't come up to standard.

You are deeply flawed and not normal.

Your are not worth our attention, time or company!

You are not valued.


When Gautama held his palm to the ground

the Earth responded

to his claim ...

not only as his witness

but also

as witness

to all beings born of her.

in her shuddering roar

the great Earth,

mother of us all,


ALL beings Belong.



the intuitive pull

deeper and deeper

the confusion collapsed

effortless relinquishing

there is no value to gain

there is no right to be given by another

there is nothing to earn






already given Here.

Her - giving everything in the birth of Us,

having been coaxed out and into form

in this complex multidimensional ecology of fulsome-LIFE,

we wholeheartedly belong to Her.

We are her children.

All related

forward and backward

up and down.


this Knowing ...

... our natural belonging ...

is the unshakeable ground

the 'immovable spot'

and the natural habitat from which to collect

the salve

for our collective wound.


Please click on this link for Part 2.

The description of 'natural habitat' in the spiritual sense of Home comes from two wonderfully gifted mentors: hermit - mystic - contemplatives Drew Lawson and Wendy Hoffman.


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