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The bureaucrat

The bureaucrat comes in all guises

ready to turn down,

or turn off,

your spigot.

Sometimes they don't need

to turn the

screwdriver too far ...

so be aware ...

they have their own clipboard

with titres and measures


how much they can flow

and in what way;

it's to manage their internal pertubation.

this spring flows ...

from underground streams

mineralised with joy and deep affection,



that already is ... You.

so, let these lovers unite.

the spigot will become rusty with dis-use

and the liquid-light of LOVE-BLISS

will stream through you

in its natural course into

the world.

Oh, a last word ...

If the LOVE-rain has been heavy

and the spring gushes forth,

don't saturate the friendly faces with clipboards;

it scares them.

Let the mineralised LOVE-liquid

rise up and out and fall back

into your saturated ground,

it will filter

back to the source.

guises - including internal representations ... often representing a court system!


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