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Walking ...

This is what I am here for ...

to observe

wordlessly wondering

at the movement, the colour, the shapes

into the textures and shadows

feeling with the eyes, ears, skin, nose, hair

feeling with the awareness that joins inside and out

This is what I am here for ...

to notice

the wind through the trees

the bark on the ground

the leaves falling

the sun on the stone

the flower open

the wet soil

the skin of a dead toad

silently broadcasting their truth ...


wild abandon

endless transformation

overwhelming momentum

traceless belonging

belonging to all that came before

there is no other way

this becoming on and on ...

In the unceasing teachings

everything has its own integrity

and sovereignty

none stands above another

each living gifted life

whole just as it is

under no dominion

Life is here, HERE for its own joy

- that tree, those ants, that possum, those sheep

oh! you and me

All given the right of belonging here. To just live.

That we are here, anything is here

is no mistake.

There is no secret, though it may appear that way.

The birther of us all, of everything

is 'hidden nearby',

though in FELT sight.

We use our inheritance, our natural belonging

to feel the tender, joyful, sacred living breath

in all things.

All of creation made through and through

from goodness - whole and complete.

Perfect just as it is.

This is what I am here for ...

to stand in the teachings of this ...

given over, emptied by awe

filled with gratitude

to say a thousand thank yous

with my whole being

arms open with joy

and know that I am heard.

That's what I am here for ...


Breathed into Being by LOVE.

Please follow link to Part 2

This poem is based on a number of mystical revelations.

Photo: walking - Santa Casa, Queenscliff, Victoria


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