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... across the park at night

Part 2 of 3

stepping off the road

onto the black-green grass

I look up to the night sky

the tree silhouette, the stars

... gone!

it is shown and felt ...

the trees, the stars and me are interconnected

made of the same effervescence

all is made of this

alive, life-giving

playful, joyful

everything whole and perfect just as it is

the question arises, "but what about ...?"

and the image is shown

moments of time

each a brick, building and adding to the last, all contributing

and just as each molecule of water is a part of the whole that comes crashing to the shore

so an overwhelming, never-ending momentum contributes

traceless, beginingless, entangled whole

effervescent LIFE moves through us

we are process

no ownership

it is known, "there is no other way. It had to happen. There is great purpose."

complete acceptance. [THIS ALL] makes perfect sense. Of course.

this bountiful and meaningful Reality

breath expels "oh!"

and tears of joyous relief wash through

laughing, "It's all okay ... oh my gosh, it's all okay."

Now, on the other side of the park

a few steps onto the road,

to my house ...

October 1996, aged 24

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Photo: taken by Tom, south-east Queensland 2020


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