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Chiron's apprentice


in a starry dreamscape

he called to me ...

his ancient song

a beacon

his purity of Being

and boddhisattvic intent

the key

opening the portal between us ...

this dreaming human-psyche

and his Soul-world

where he is immortal and free.


unemcumbered, unhindered

by any earthly identity

I step into the lustrous white light

he is there

this child of 9 or 10.

without hesitation

"Oh, it's you!"

- a silent exclamation.

we embrace

pure, profuse





so natural

this innate overwhelming love

for this child.

I know him so well.

It has been so long.

How could I not have recognised you?

ebullient reunion

two Souls merged

in consumate wholeness -

a natural, deep GOODNESS

all observed by other Soul-presences

standing in the background

... they travel with him.

and then he leaves

this dreaming psyche

clothed again in human female

acculturated back into her

habits, ways of thinking, suffering, delights,

human love and wounds.


also carrying a




which grows


a gift has been given

a balm for the deepest wound

the wound which desaturates life.


sitting on the edge of the bed in the morning light

revivifying the dreamscape

of love and goodness

streaming from my Being

captivated by the FELT-KNOWING

of identity not previously met

the questions bubble up ...

a Soul?

what is this life nested within?

are we in pluriform existence?

called into another realm

initiated into a deep mythic process

of Souls meeting in fulgent light,

his presence


bare and without pretension

'my true face'

the remembrance of such


the healing balm for my return.


That morning at breakfast in the dining hall

I saw him

loose white curls down to his shoulders

twisted arms and legs

contorted face

his small frame strapped into the bouncer

not knowing how to introduce myself

so civil, restrained in my earth-suit,

I say, "Good morning. I had a dream about your little one last night."

"Oh," she says "people often come up to tell us about his visits."

Looking back, I am regretful of my timidity.

How I wish I had told them.

I wish I had asked them about their little boy.

I wish I had knelt down, looked into his eyes and said

hello and thank you.

Thank you for visiting me.

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Chiron's apprentice, took place in 2000 during a 10-day interfaith peace retreat in an old manor in southern England.

The ancient symbol for Chiron is in the image above, created by Tom.


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