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Standing in the stream ...

Into the mountains ...

standing in this stream, playing in the water

watching this liquid-bright sparkle over rocks,

eddies and pulses

rushing to arrive somewhere along the way

keen to share in abundant exuberance

fermenting all around

mellifluous elan vital

watery vitality

chilling my feet and legs

vim and pop

cupping my hands, washing, wetting, christening my head

into such exhilaration and joy

tapping into the uproarious joy of the rocks, moss, trees, grass and river

shaking, singing, swaying, bubbling, being … their song to their Beloved.

My Beloved.

never to forget this. so warm.

the sun shining and all nature gloriously happy

including this human being-nature,

sharing their bounteous delight.

THIS the transcendent Divine - immanence!

Our natural inheritance.

Photo: Our visit to THIS stream in North Wales


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