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Stillness speaks ...

This is Part 1 of 2

a field, transparent expanse

no inside, no outside

no boundary

through all things

underneath all things

before all things

from which all things arise -

just movement rising and falling

no agitation

no naming

no reference - one thing to another

nothing is object

and no attributes

thus nothing strikes -

one thing against the other

no agitation

It is peace, utter peace

'the peace that passeth understanding'

the words 'peace' and 'calm'

are limp slivers of linguistic conceit

they cannot transmit this knowing

HOME of pure freedom


no me - no past, no identity - completely unbound





only awareness

deep unfathomable peace

just the gift that always is

Reality's Self

emerging through the door of this transcendent HOME

one last kiss and wave off:

"this is The Stillness. people live in this Stillness"

a respectful, gentle invitation ...

with a dash of humour,

like ... 'you might like to give this a try ... there's nothing stopping you' (nudge, nudge)

a white liquid light


through the head into the crevices of the brain

down into the body

filling every vibrating molecule with

exquisite sweetness

scintillating divine light nectar

of which I had never known before

nourishing this material form.

A loving embrace - divine LIGHT pouring itself into 'me'

Every part of this body responded with delight


fell asleep.

Please follow this link for Part 2

Photo: Clouds parting to reveal the Milky Way, taken by Tom - 2020, south-eastern Queensland.


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