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Living in Stillness


suddenly HERE

it is HERE

the Still Point

it expands

all movement within is free ...




all is well

in enveloping, beholding Stillness -


even as those moments before

I was in the tragi-comedy

death by anxiety -

family christmas

nope, no more!

Spacious Silent Stillness

embracing all activity

Living in Stillness

all is well


gentle happiness

no anxiety - no self-other referencing

Leaving all alone to be what it is ...

It is possible

It is possible ...

Sitting with peace

and a smile -

soft and free

living in Stillness.

Photo: Taking in the view. Queenscliff, Victoria.

A practice? Many people report changes in perception when they look up and over into the distance. This is reported frequently in people's mystical or spiritually transformative experiences ... walking across a park, looking up from a train station and many other stories. In this instance I was in a restaurant, I looked up, over the heads of the other patrons towards the end of the room, and in an instant the shift occurred. The first and earliest shift I remember was at the age of 5, sitting on the concrete at school assembly, I looked up to the speaker and then over the roof of the building and was overtaken by incredible stillness and peace, and luxuriated, slient and happy in that comfort for however long it lasted.


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