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My adoring companion

This is Part 1 of 2

it is mid-day

leaning out through

the vacant arch of a second story window

hair catching

on ivy cuddling the lintel

my hand on the warm stone sill

bare feet on the dusty oak floor

looking below

abraded stone ruins

set into green grassy gums

this whole place seeped in supernal translucent

ivory light

a palpable transfiguring ardour

drawing out

hues of colour from the stone

hues of feeling from my being

walking out towards the verdant grassy path

past purple stained sandstone

... a curious clue ...

the sense of being companioned

of being in some HOLY other

such felicity

a natural urge to sing

'Who am I?'

'Who am I?'

'Who are you?'

'Who are you?'

raggedy, sputtering, untonal

innocent, purely LOVE

infilling, pouring through me

and met with adoration

the sky bursts with melody

each note brings to life a crystalline star

while music of unknown beauty

envelops everything

every outpouring note of song from me

met ten-thousandfold with embracing mutual adoration

this pure innocent goodness

wholly munificent unconditional

teasing out this Soul-Self

no shackles

complete freedom

out of hiding


illuminated Soul.

Please click this link to Part 2 for explanation of Fibonacci crystalline star-flower structure and Tintern Abbey.


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