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Tintern Abbey

This is part 2 of 2.

Please follow this link for Part 1.

(Joseph Mallord William Turner, Interior of Tintern Abbey, Monmouthshire, 1794)

The Footnote, My adoring companion, describes a lucid-dream that was so crisp, detailed, clear and alive, that it also points to a liminal or subtler dimension of Consciousness-Being,

My awareness started within a dream character, but then stood back to watch the dream-Soul-self sing with an unseen-but-felt intensely loving companion, the Supra-personal Divine - a loving, compassionate, playful, intimate, humorous GOD REALITY.

For days, and days after, I was bubbling with joy, feeling that unboundaried sense of incredible love and of ALL being sacred.

The music was glorious and each note exploded into a crystalline star-flower so that the beautiful sound and structure were the same thing - a type of synesthesia. The feeling of mutual love and adoration was so overwhelming - blissful, joyful. I was just spilling out with utter LOVE and AWE. And, in return felt completely ADORED. Such mutuality!!

I looked to find the crystalline star structure, it was clearly seen in the Fibonacci structure of roses. Like this:

This is my drawing of the scene:


In this other-worldly ruin, I paused to appreciate the purple strains through the sandstone - a curious hint at a place that might exist. A few days after this dream, sitting down with my youngest child to watch Bear Grylls ziplining into an old Welsh stone-mine ... there it was ... swathes of purple. Looking through Google at places built with Welsh purple sandstone, Tintern Abbey came up. I knew immediately from which window I was looking and vividly recalled the scene of the ruins below. My sense is that the dream-Soul-self was not at Tintern Abbey in this realm, but perhaps this took place in the Imaginal? The many accounts of out-of-body experiences and heaven realms from respected and credible sources allow me to consider such a possibility.

Also, for a long time I had dismissed sharing parts of my inner life, but this dream undoubtedly pointed to another perspective. I now understood the term, 'co-create' in a way that was meaningful to me. So, it was known to me that however naïve, simple and uncoordinated my attempts to 'sing to God' in the world, it would be met with such euphoric response as to bring something new and beautiful into creation. Perhaps, though I may never know, this could be true?

That was enough to get Footnotes from a Moment underway and online! The power of dreams to shift perspectives and dismantle blocks - in loving, fun and delightful ways!!

How exciting to imagine the co-creating potential of contemplative vocation - adventures into inner worlds of Consciousness!


Two books also make connections with this dream. Please visit this link for Reinee Pasarow's near-death experience of singing her note 'I AM' to the LOVE/LIGHT/LIFE and this link for Betty J Kovac's book, Merchants of Light, about dreams and deeper orders of Reality.

Also, an encouraging (un-met in person) friend and mystic seer, Mystic Meandering, pointed towards the writings of Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee.

Please look at this stunning creation Nature by Numbers by Cristóbal Vila.


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